IAMCP Sweden is an association for Microsoft partners in Sweden. The association has approximately 140 corporate members representing some of Microsoft’s most prominent partners. IAMCP Sweden is open to any partner to Microsoft. The law firm EdmarLaw and IAMCP has entered into an exclusive collaboration where EdmarLaw offers IAMCP members advice and workshops in legal matters relevant to IT companies.
IDG Expert Network is a network of experts passionate about sharing knowledge and insights in order to help decision makers make better IT investments. The founder of the law firm EdmarLaw is one of its experts.
K&L Gates is an internationally acclaimed law firm once founded by Bill Gates’ father. The law firm provides advice particularly to IT companies and tech intensive companies, but has expertise in all relevant legal fields. K&L Gates has offices in all five continents; including the most relevant jurisdictions for IT companies such as India, South Korea, Dubai, EU, US and South America. Being the primary point of contact for its clients despite the involvement of K&L Gates, EdmarLaw handles international queries for its clients seamlessly. Thanks to EdmarLaw’s partnership with K&L Gates, clients can also rely on competitive pricing and e.g. fixed fees for start-up packages in the US.