Internet publishing and Social Media

The purpose of this book is to explain the rules regarding internet publishing, social media and IT-related products and services in a concrete and easy way, and provide a practical application of the law on the internet. The book is full of illustrative cases and explanations while providing a good understanding of how the traditional jurisprudence has evolved with digitization. One chapter is dedicated to questions and answers. Examples of questions answered in the book are:

  • Who owns a web production?
  • What personal data requires consent?
  • What are the rules for marketing on the web?
  • Must-knows for contracting of web productions?
  • What country’s law applies to a website?
  • What is a domain name from a legal perspective?
  • How should you draft terms and conditions for selling a product or service on the internet?

(In Swedish only)

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Domain Names – Strategies and Legal Aspects

This book is available in both Swedish and English!

Domain names can be simplified as the equivalent of a company’s physical address on the Internet. At the same time, it is so much more. The domain names are in themselves an important marketing channel, a safety aspect and a verification. A company’s or organization’s domain name carries great values, of both confidence and economic importance, and it is therefore essential to have an awareness in the management of them.

What domain names should be registered? How do you register the various top domains? What is a domain name strategy and why is it important? How do you protect trademarks on the internet? What do you do when you discover an infringement of the company rights?

These and many more questions are answered in this book.

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The Twilight Zone of Intellectual Property

It is in your phone, your car, your watch, your morning newspaper, and even in your juice or milk. Almost all products you use, every line you read, much of what you eat and everything you see on the Internet are affected by intellectual property. Someone has protected an idea, a technical innovation, a design, a material or a type of bacteria under one of the many laws covering intellectual property rights to ensure exclusivity, to gain a competitive advantage and to have exclusive rights to capitalize an idea.

The value of intangible assets account for a growing proportion of a company’s total value, making intellectual property an increasingly important area of law. Intellectual property rights are difficult to master as patents, trademarks, designs and copyright apply across various areas of law. There is no clear line between the various areas and it is not unusual for an idea to be protected in more than one way.

In this book we highlight intellectual property at the border to other areas of law. The authors focus on the increased importance of intellectual property and the relationship to several neighboring jurisdictions. The book also touches on the different types of intellectual property, from copyright and trademarks to patents and plagiarism.

(In Swedish only)

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