Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to all assignments that the law firm Advokatfirman EdmarLaw AB (“EdmarLaw”) performs for its clients. In addition to these general terms and conditions, the Code of Professional Conduct of the Swedish Bar Association also apply.

The terms and conditions may change from time to time, and the latest version is always available here, on www.edmarlaw.se. A change in the terms and conditions applies only to assignments initiated after the change has been published on the website. EdmarLaw will send a copy of the latest version of the terms and conditions at your request.

The agreement for the assignment is an agreement with EdmarLaw. The owner(s), partners and employees do not have a personal liability beyond what may follow from mandatory law. All issues regarding a dispute, a business transaction or a business engagement shall be deemed an assignment. EdmarLaw’s consultancy assignment is tailored to the assignment and the circumstances that have been presented to EdmarLaw. Hence, you cannot rely on the advice for any other purpose or in any other situation than that which EdmarLaw provided the counseling in. If EdmarLaw and you have not agreed otherwise, tax consequences are not included in the counseling. EdmarLaw’s advice relates only to Swedish law and thus does not include the law of any other jurisdiction. If and to the extent that EdmarLaw provides any information or guidance on the law in other jurisdictions, this is based on EdmarLaw’s general experience on legal matters in such jurisdictions and is not considered legal advice. EdmarLaw is happy, however, to collect the necessary advice from lawyers in jurisdictions other than the Swedish.

Confidentiality and Information

EdmarLaw, and thus the owner(s), partners, and employees are subject to confidentiality obligations pursuant to law and the Swedish Bar Association’s Code of Professional Conduct. EdmarLaw will not disclose to any third party circumstances that are not public, unless this is done as part of the execution of an order or with your consent. EdmarLaw is obligated by law to collect and preserve evidence and some documentation about its client’s identity. If you do not provide the documentation that EdmarLaw requests, EdmarLaw may be required by law to immediately terminate the assignment and the relationship with you. Despite the confidentiality obligation, EdmarLaw is legally obliged to report suspicions of money laundering or terrorist financing to the relevant authority. If it relates to you, EdmarLaw is precluded from informing you of such suspicion, and is obliged to decline or withdraw from the assignment. In certain cases, EdmarLaw must provide information to the tax authorities regarding your VAT registration number and the value of the services we have provided to you. By engaging EdmarLaw, you permit EdmarLaw to disclose information as described above. EdmarLaw shall not be liable for any loss, directly or indirectly, arising out of the abovementioned obligations.

EdmarLaw’s filing is completely digital, and documents are as a rule stored only electronically. In the case where EdmarLaw receives a document where the physical copy is not of significance, the document will be digitized and the physical document destroyed. Consequently, EdmarLaw cannot recover physical documents it has received, but only digital copies. Physical documents of significance, as well as documents required by law or regulation cannot be filed electronically, wherefore these will be stored and archived physically and can be restored.

Personal Data

EdmarLaw is the data controller of personal data submitted or obtained in connection with assignments. The information may be supplemented by EdmarLaw by retrieving information from private and public registers or other external sources. EdmarLaw processes personal data in accordance with its Data Protection Policy.

Fees and Billing

Unless EdmarLaw and you have agreed otherwise, the fees of EdmarLaw are based on the following factors: (a) the skill and experience required for the assignment, (b) the result achieved (c) time spent; (d) the value the assignment relates to (e) any risks to EdmarLaw and (f) the time pressure that has applied for the assignment. EdmarLaw’s fees comply with the Swedish Bar Association’s rules. In addition, EdmarLaw’s fees, costs for travel, accommodation and other expenses will be charged to you. EdmarLaw usually pays minor expenses on your behalf and will charge you for those in arrears, although EdmarLaw may ask for advance payment for such expenses or forward the invoice for this cost to you for payment. EdmarLaw usually applies monthly billing. Unless EdmarLaw and you have agreed otherwise, the payment condition for EdmarLaw’s invoices are 20 days. EdmarLaw will charge default interest rate for late payments. If you are entitled to compensation from an insurance company (such as legal expenses insurance) to cover part of EdmarLaw’s fees, you have nevertheless the responsibility pay EdmarLaw’s fees in the accrued amounts and at the rate invoiced and due for payment. Insurance does not reimburse VAT. EdmarLaw reserves the right to request advance payments, before it begins its work in an assignment, and during the assignment. EdmarLaw’s right to pre-payment applies throughout the assignment.

EdmarLaw will always try to provide legal services at fees that are attractive and competitive. If you so request, EdmarLaw will provide an estimate of the fee for the assignment, and EdmarLaw can also, if and to the extent appropriate and possible, agree on a budget or other arrangement for the assignment. EdmarLaw reserves the right to revise its estimate, budget, or other arrangement when it has reason to believe that it is no longer accurate or attainable. All amounts are exclusive of VAT.

Limitation of Liability

EdmarLaw is liable for loss incurred by the client due to EdmarLaw’s error or negligence in the performance of an assignment. EdmarLaw may enforce specific limitations of liability for certain tasks or parts of assignments, except as provided in these terms and conditions. You will in such case be informed of such limitations during the assignment or for that portion of the assignment. EdmarLaw’s liability for damage you may be caused as a result of fault or negligence on our part in carrying out the assignment is limited to the smaller amount of either five (5) times the fee for the assignment or ten (10) million Swedish kronor. EdmarLaw’s liability to you shall be reduced by the amount that you can receive under any insurance policy you subscribe to or that has been subscribed to you or applies according to a contract or indemnity obligation. EdmarLaw is not liable for loss of production, loss of data, loss of profit or any other indirect damage or loss or consequential damage or loss. EdmarLaw shall not have any liability towards third parties due to your use of documents or other advice from EdmarLaw. If EdmarLaw terminates the assignment or relationship with you, because of circumstances caused by you, or as obligated by law or professional ethics, EdmarLaw will have no liability for the damage this may result in. EdmarLaw shall not be liable for any loss incurred due to circumstances beyond EdmarLaw’s control, which could not reasonably have been anticipated, avoided, or overcome by EdmarLaw. EdmarLaw’s limitations of liability under these terms or under a separate agreement with you also apply to EdmarLaw’s proprietors, partners, and employees.

Other Advisors

EdmarLaw has a large network of professional advisors in Sweden and abroad and assists when necessary to find and instruct such professional advisers. Such other professional advisor should be independent of EdmarLaw and EdmarLaw is not responsible for the advice they give or for having recommended them to you.

Intellectual Property Rights

EdmarLaw holds the copyright and other intellectual property rights to the work generated as part of an assignment. You obviously have the right to use the results and the work developed.

Complaints, Time Limits and Dispute Resolution

EdmarLaw’s business is based on its clients’ satisfaction in how the services are performed and that EdmarLaw’s counseling meets and preferably surpasses clients’ expectations. If you would still be dissatisfied or have a complaint about EdmarLaw, you should notify Malin Edmar as soon as possible. If you want to make a claim against EdmarLaw, you should do it as soon as you have conducted a reasonable investigation regarding the circumstances on which you base your complaint. Complaints shall be made within six months after you become aware of the circumstances, and in any case within twelve months after EdmarLaw’s last invoice of the assignment.

EdmarLaw’s assignments and these terms and conditions are governed by Swedish law. Any dispute relating to these terms and conditions or any matter related EdmarLaw’s assignments shall be finally settled by arbitration in accordance with the Arbitration Rules of the Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce. The seat of arbitration shall be Stockholm, Sweden. The language to be used in the arbitral proceedings shall be Swedish. Information in connection with such proceedings shall be confidential. The foregoing does not apply EdmarLaw’s right to commence proceedings before a court of general jurisdiction regarding any amount due to EdmarLaw, and other debt collection measures.